Felt Fold Slippers Workshop at Salone del Mobile


At the forthcoming Salone del Mobile, Domus will host and exhibition looking at what is to come in the future of design, involving events and live performances in Palazzo Clerici, right in the heart of Milan.
Openwear will be part of the event with a workshop focused on lasercutting felt for fashion accessories. Read the details and subscribe (workshop will be in italian).


E’ tempo di Fà la Cosa Giusta e moda critica

critical fashion openwear workshop

Ieri si sono aperti i cancelli della Fiera del consumo etico e degli stili di vita sostenibili.
Anche quest’anno Openwear partecipa a questo evento insieme a varie realtà del territorio per stimolare la riflessione sulla sperimentazione di un nuovo sistema moda con al centro una rete collaborativa di produttori.


Activating knowledge and empowering clothing communities with open source fashion

Obra Gris

Oscar Ruiz Schmidt is originally from Costa Rica and studying in a master of Fashion Design at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin. Together with his partner Ingrid Cordero, created Obra Gris, a clothing label (and a blog) with a metaphoric Spanish name referring to something in construction or in progress.


Openwear at World Wide Rome – Makers Edition

Next friday I’m going to present Openwear project to the audience participating at the first conference dedicated to the Makers scene in Italy with Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine, Massimo Banzi of Arduino, Dale Dougherty of Make Magazine and many more.
All the content on the website is in italian, also the interview they did to [...]


Sustainability and ThinkLifecycle

Have you ever given thought to where what you wear comes from? The fibre, the manufacture and the design process are all part of the lifecycle of a garment.
Alice Payne, PhD student from Qeensland University of Technology, is investigating mass market fashion and has come up with a concept called ThinkLifecycle, a system to promote [...]


(Italiano) Io Artigianato / Tu Industria: un incontro in Olanda per parlare del futuro della manifattura

Me Craft/You Industry Symposium

Nonostante nella società dell’informazione il lavoro manuale si sia guadagnato una brutta reputazione per la sua mancanza di status e per i bassi guadagni, il contributo degli artigiani e delle artigiane nell’economia olandese è considerevole: si contano infatti 900mila posti di lavoro su un totale di 16 milioni di popolazione. E’ snocciolando questi numeri che Henk Oosterling inizia il suo intervento. Filosofo, professore e fondatore di Skill City, il progetto che sta rivitalizzando e rinnovando il tessuto urbano di Rotterdam a partire proprio dal connettere le abilità manuali a traiettorie di formazione e occupazionali.


Who’s gonna wear all those garments?


Do you know the hidden price of your clothes?

FInally, 2012 should be the year to create the practical framework for a new type of fashion system…


(Re)Searching for a sustainable fashion system – Interview

Kay Politowicz

Thanx to the collaboration with Jen Ballie, who kindly accepted our invitation last year to our Openwear conference, I had the chance to get in touch with Kay Politowicz, professor of Textile Design, co-founder and Project Director for the Textiles Environment Design (TED) research group at Chelsea.

For many years she was Director of Undergraduate Textile Design Course at Chelsea – and promoted a high-level of achievement of students working with specialist material processes in textiles: knit, weave, print, stitch – increasingly using digital processes and a wider variety of workshops – such as ceramics, wood, metal.
In that role she became increasingly aware of the need to develop an environmental focus to curriculum developments within the subject and the opportunities that such a focus would reveal.


100% made in Italy, a new project for next year

The weekend before Christmas I was invited to contribute to an event taking place in Molise, in the city of Isernia.
Giorgio Gagliardi, the president of Ampi, the association of small enterprises of the region, organized the kick-off meeting of an interesting project based on the networking of enterprises and collaboration. The main aim of [...]


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