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Crowdfunding platforms are starting to emerge also in Europe. Today I want to present two projects with two different approaches of collective cooperation and still open for you to take part.
The first comes from Spain and is hosted by Goteo, the platform focused on funding open-source ideas. In this case the object asking for support is about open-source shoes:

The second is based in southern Italy and hosted by Eppela. In this case the product is an hand-made ecobag created by Ziaraffi:

We’ll see in the next days the result of the two calls.

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  1. Luis
    Aug 30, 2012 @ 15:31:39

    A group of entrepreneurs from the Instituto de Empresa have decided to launch a new business model based on an innovative web platform, never seen before in Spain. This website introduces the “crowdfunding” concept in the world of fashion.

    In FANSTYLERS , the users will find a selection of independent fashion designers, unfamiliar for the general public. The deployment of their designs in the website will allow them to gain awareness and know the preferences of their potential customers, who will also give them their assessment. This process also offers very valuable information to the designers before
    they actually launch their products, which is a novelty in the sector.

    Once there is a compromise between customers and designer, the funding stage or “crowdfunding”, comes into play. At this stage, the designer sets a sale price, a number of minimum customers required, and a period of time to obtain them.

    A multidirectional relation is then established, where customers are a key part of the creative process. They help to develop the products that are launched into the market and act as shareholders by committing to purchase the product. In exchange, they are rewarded with discounts, limited editions, new experiences…

    Within some weeks, FanStylers will be available for the general public. You can now request the first exclusive invitations in our webpage (

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